In such a competitive market, we feel that the difference lies in the excellence of our vehicles and staff. We are aware that the worldwide economic downturn continues to impact tourist businesses.  And the news from the last few months indicates that the current recession will not only deepen but will extend throughout future years. And we, in the travel industries, have been particularly hard hit. Experience has proven that an offer with the right price on the right product may be a solution. That's why we want to work with you offering the best service at the right price.

Our fleet of vehicles consists of:
> Mercedes Sedan E Class;
> Mercedes Sprinter 316 extra-long;
> Mercedes Viano V Class extra-long;
> Mercedes Vito V Class extra-long;
> Mercedes Midibus Beluga;
> Mercedes Travego HD;

Our staff and services consist of:
> experienced drivers;
> English, French, German and Spanish -speaking;
> some of our drivers are licensed tour escorts, authorized to pick-up and guide travellers and drive at the same time, without the need of having an escort to meet travellers and a driver to drive;
> complete assistance before, during and after any service booked with us;
> 7 days a week, 24 hours a  day.

                                                                              "We think the same way our Clients do"